Writing and translating

Need anything translated, edited/copyedited or written? Contact me here, and we’ll work something out.  I can help you with:

I work with:
English – Norwegian
Norwegian – English
Swedish – English
Danish – English
-Price depends on the length of the piece.

Editing and copy editing:
-I’ll read your piece, give feedback and make changes, plus of course weed out spelling mistakes and errors it’s easy to overlook when working on writing of your own.
-Price depends on the length of the piece.

-Want a poem or a short story tailored to someone, or just for yourself? Contact me here, and let me know what you want. We’ll email and make sure that we are on the same page about what kind of writing you’re interested in, and you’ll get to review the first draft. Then, when we’re both happy, I’ll finish it and send it off to you.
-The early consultation is, of course, free, but the price of the writing depends on the length of the piece.
Andrea Wold Johansen 004