Published Pieces and Performances


Arts Hole”, A #SaveTheArts Documentary by Wendy Richardson

Performance at Yggdrasil’s Poesiaften
Østsia, Kristiansand, 10.02.20

Nålens Makt/The Power of the Needle 2019
An embroidery project about unity, identity and cultural heritage, by Flyktninger Forteller/Voices of the Refugees and Arkivet in Kristiansand, Norway.

Reading “Mina”
at the UoW Creative Writing 10 Year Anniversary & Vortex 2018 Launch, 9.04.2018

Performance at Poetry Platform,
The Railway Inn, Winchester, 3.04.2018

Performance at Poetry on Wheels
SO: To Speak – Poetry Festival, Southampton, 28.10.2017

“Cake” at Poetry Platform ,
The Railway Inn, Winchester, 4.10.2016

Articles published for UiA and STA (in Norwegian)

“UiA faser ut kontantbetaling”, 14.12.19
“Forskningsprosjekt om oversetting”, opplevelsen, 19.09.19

Articles, poems and short stories:

Poem published in the Aze Journal, Volume 2, Issue 4: Thinking Attraction
I love you like a candle flickering on December 1st”, 10.02.19
(Edited version can be found here)

Short story published at the UoW Creative Writing Blog
“I think I’m Dreaming”, 11.01.19

hello winch 001
hello winch 002

“The Winchester Bucket List”
Hello Winch – Student Life Magazine, Issue 1 Spring 2018

“From countless independent coffee shops to St Catherine’s Hill, Creative writing student Andrea shares her seven must-see spots around our city. How many will you check off?”

You can read the full article here!
But I’m actually really proud of this one, as I’ve done both images and text for once!

Andrea Wold Johansen, Vortex 1
Andrea Wold Johansen, Vortex 2

Vortex Literary Magazine, 2018 Issue

“I looked up. Over us, the blues and greens of the night sky melted together. It was like the colours were dancing with each other, and dotted all over the skies, the stars were twinkling, eager to join the waltz.
I crossed my fingers that Mina was dancing too.”

Click here to read the whole short story!

Andrea Wold Johansen 009
Andrea Wold Johansen 010

“Yellow Flowers on the Kitchen Table”,
The Sound of Winchester, March Issue, 2018

“Of course she doesn’t know this, but she forgets, my girl. Maybe one day she’ll forget me. But that doesn’t matter. And for now, I do the only thing I can, to make sure that the world seems a bit friendlier, as her memories turn to smoke signals no one can decipher for her.”

Click here to read the whole short story!

I said there’s no getting rid of me now to which he replied I’ll hold you to that”,
The Sound of Winchester, January Issue, 2018

Andrea Wold Johansen, The Sound of Winchester
Andrea Wold Johansen, the Sound of Winchester 002

“When we’re seventy-four
I’ll smack your butt in the kitchen
as you take out the turkey,
and our daughter of fourty-three will sigh and tell us
get a room,
so we’ll sneak away to the pantry,
and steal kisses by the roast potatoes”

Click here to read the whole poem!

Online writing and blog posts:

Poems at Vocal Media
“I’m Building a Home”, 15.04.18
“Lucie”, 15.04.18
“Part of the Architecture”, 15.04.18
“Rations and Aeroplanes”, 05.02.18

Student blogs at and UWin Student Blog
“The Winchester Student Bucket List” 27.08.18
“Going to uni, Expectations vs Reality” 31.08.2017
“Making friends at uni” 17.08.2017
“Making Your Halls a Home” 19.07.2017
“My Year in 5 Books”17.05.2017
“The Best Trips from Winchester” 03.05.2017
“The 5 Best Things About Studying Creative Writing” 10.04.2017

Also, all poetry and creative writing published on this blog can easily be found here:
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