About Me


My name is Andrea Wold Johansen, I’m 21 and I’ve just completed a BA(Hons) in Creative Writing, at the university of Winchester.
I’m currently based in Fredrikstad, Norway, where I spend my days trying to teach myself to not have sugar in my coffee. I also work in a library and a supermarket; two very different jobs that both give you a lot to write about. andrea wold johansen profile.jpg

My home is a small town in Norway, on the edge of a fjord with blue mountains on the far horizon. As a kid I’d write stories about the mountains, and the lives of people long gone by the fjord. Little did I know that these small stories would one day be part of my degree, but I’m so grateful that they were. Well, not the actual stories, of course, they were all pretty bad come to think of it, but storytelling in general. Writing.

I really do like writing. I know it’s a cliché, but I’m very easily fascinated by people. There is something magical about how we act and interact with each other, all the things we say in between the lines, the subtle hints in our body language. These are the things I enjoy writing about, be it short stories or poetry; the small things that makes people people.
Also, speaking of clichés, I actually kind of like them, too.

This blog is my place to try and reach out to the world, and now that you’re here, I’d like to take the opportunity to thank you for making that possible.